Conecting people!

Let's grow together: relationships, synergies, brainstorming ...


The good weather arrives and with it the SUN and we want you to enjoy as never before your time on the sea.

We welcome you to this new space where you will find everything related to Stand Up Paddle Surf.

Here begins the adventure and you have just entered into a project created with much love to offer you our new proposals about our world, which is Paddle Surf.

In HENALU we have created a community, that includes traveling with your board giving you the opportunity to meet with other people in other parts of the world, whether professional or amateur.

We keep you informed of everything linked to Paddle Surf around the world and in this way we can be more connected, allowing great networking opportunities. We want to create relationships and synergies, enabling us to exchange ideas and grow together.

Paddle Surf Ibiza